Thursday, November 03, 2005

Color Fun

One sleepless night, I was up watching Discovery. The program mentioned how colors can induce feelings amongst people.A meeting room painted in blue brings out agreement. A bathroom in red will increase the desire to maintain one's hygiene and beauty. A dining room in orange will create the feelings of happiness and fullfillment. Upon hearing this, my thoughts on my golden wallpaper and orange chairs, which I accidently discovered in the ruined house, are confirmed- gold with orange will make my customoers "shit and giggle."

The cheap lamps which I bought from my friend, have been repaired! They will be hung over the bar in my store. No more dreary, depressing nights!

I met this punk kid who works at the flea market. He was very kind, selling me some lamps for cheap. Afterwards I stumbled across this beautiful bar thrown out on the street. It felt like fate. Without hesitation the punk flea market kid helped me transport it back to Treasure Hive. After dropping it off, he took me to a beautiful abandoned house dating back from the Japanese occupation. We stood there on the street, admiring it's ghostly presence. I was reminded of the scene in American Beauty when the doped up neighbor filmed the plastic bag floating in the sky.
The process of finding things for my store has been fantastic. I have bumped into numerous problems, but I am still happy. My hands are blistered and callous, but they are stronger for it. My stamina and energy have improved. Scaling walls now is an easy feat. I can feel my heart beating strong as I dive through an icy cold pool. I can now recognize the hunter amongst the insane clump of stars. The stars have moved north a month ago.


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